Saturday, April 12, 2014


Tearfund staff, some Tearfund staff are working on a week where you eat on £1.00 a day.
It seems so hard when you think about it to live on that basis yet some are doing this everyday

One idea was to pull together resources but it's still a challenge.

Could you do it £1.00 a day?

Friday, June 07, 2013

Improving weather

it is encouraging to see improving weather in mid Scotland.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dallas Willard 1935 to 2013

it was with regret to hear today of the passing of Dallas Willard a man of God with a fresh understanding of spiritual life. 

Monday, April 08, 2013

new worship

I think there are possibilities for fresh worship opportunities.
I am looking forward to the possibilities. News to follow.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorado Springs fire map

You can see the area covered by the fire which started at Waldo Canyon here .

Colorado Springs map of fire area

Colorado Fires

The last few days have been terrifying for the residents in West Colorado Springs. Massive fires  from dry weather and exasibated by driving winds to the east have moved from the country at Waldo right to the outskirts of South and West Colorado Springs were many have lost their homes.

Denver post map of one of the fire areas near Boulder

Friday, June 22, 2012

Why is it? ...again


I wrote this back in 2006 it still holds good.


Why is it?

  I have noticed some things over the years.
One is that people look for the easy route!
The path of least resistance is the one that many knowingly or without noticing take.
Now before you go off looking at the Bible and stories about the blessing of the smooth road and how God has blessed many with a trouble free journey, before you look at all the references quoted for prosperity theology- a doubtful theology until the late eighties- are we not to take our lot as it happens?
Has strict Calvinism got it right ?
Why is it?
Stay with it.

Are some, to find that their road is tougher than others.
So in our subconscious are we looking for the blessing sign be looking for the path of least resistance? It is easy to do this.When I read Michael Faraday's biography its not like that. Bruce and the spider story is not about that either! (No its not in the Bible).
Why is it?
Esther's road was not plain sailing and she spent a whole year preparing for one day with the King! Is it a wrong way to travel the broad road looking for the easy bit and collate that, as the narrow way fit for King servants?
The narrow way may be less broad by definition but it is more than likely a more troublesome way than the “broad way”.

Why is it then?
Because we are lazy be human nature?
Because we want all “nice” things to come our way!
Perhaps we need to redefine “Good things that come our way”-
As the things that God purposely puts our way to improve our relation with Him- Be it a new car or a broken leg!

The culture of today is about success measured by accumulation of wealth seen in goods and the ability to buy goods at any cost, modern or post modern.
Yet the real success is the ability to be in a strong relation with the Father and the ability to worship what costs? Preparing for the oneday to be with the King.
Seeking the Kingdom first is becoming more obscure to the society we live in.
The behaviour of “pleasing” the neighbour at the expense of one self's destiny/Zoe life/walk/seeking God's will, is as strong as before.

So how are you going to be determined to walk the talk of the glorious journey set out before you ( and maybe made before you!) The choice is there in a strict Calvinistic way!
If nothing is going to separate you from God then that is a struggle worth winning.
So seek the narrow way whatever that means and be aware that it may mean struggle rather than the stream that seeks the easy path through the hard ground to the river, to the sea.