Monday, June 18, 2018

Pastors burnout

One thing is ...

Caring for 30 people personally is possible. Caring for 230 is not, many pastors burn out trying.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Reasons Pastors leave the Ministry

10 reasons why pastors leave the ministry by Jim Fuller  ( In America)

  1. Lack of vision
  2. Low income/ low self esteem
  3. Lack of motivation
  4. Stress and burnout
  5. Not appreciated
  6. Cant be real- have to be the most spiritual
  7. Stress on family and health 
  8. Feeling all alone
  9. Lack of denominational support
  10. Minister has a vision, the church doesn't 

 It is a concern that churches have pastors leaving churches for whatever the reason.
Remember the load and stress they carry. 
Today pray for all the pastors of your locality.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Questionnaire... need more help.

Sorry , But I need to come back again, and ask that you complete the questionnaire and ask others to do likewise. I am looking for a lot more "samples" to use for the research.

Click below and complete...Please

 Highland Questionnaire

About church fellowship communion and isolation. Takes a few minutes.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Money charity figures for June 2018

Striking numbers 
  • £0.99m: The decrease in net lending to individuals in the UK.
  • 20: The amount in properties repossessed every day.
  • £77.44: The fall on last month in UK debt increases for each adult.
  • 21%: The increase in debt issues reported by Citizens Advice on last year.
  • £29mThe fall in Public Sector Net Debt per day in 2018.
  • 4.1p: The increase in unleaded and diesel petrol per litre on last month.
  • 18.26%The increase in the average interest rate on a credit card bearing interest.
  • 34The number of mortgage repossessions every day in Q1 2018.
  • 0.2%: The decrease on house prices on last month according to Nationwide.
Full Report At The money charity

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Questionnaire started

 Highland Questionnaire

I am delighted with the beginning of the questionnaire period. It will take a bit of time to accumulate feedback. Already had a response from south London!  ( not quiet Highlands) so that comes out of the pot.  It will take a few minutes, so sit down take 5,  and help me gather some information. 


Click here like the rest have and we can carry out the research. We need you and some other contacts.

 Highland Questionnaire

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Come on then, time to help me...!

Help me with the ...

Highland Scotland Questionnaire

Thank you for taking part in the questionnaire.
You should be in the Highlands of Scotland to complete this request.

Hiland Praise would like to ask you to help us with a questionnaire covering Church, Fellowship Faith building and Worship.

 I am trying to ascertain the level of isolation and see what can be done to help those in geographically isolated places in the Highlands of Scotland.  Some research was carried out some 10 years ago and I thought it time we sought to find out what it is like now in the Highlands.


 You responses are private and used in an acumulative manner. If you provide your e mail address we will keep it safe and use it only as agreed. We will not share the address with any other organisation. However you should know that Google is the provider of the blog and Google forms where the questionnaire is centered and will have access to the details. 

If you have seen this questionnaire, or been sent it from more than one person we ask that you only complete it once. However please feel free to send it to others so they can take part. The more we have the better our spread of results will be.

Link was refreshed 11.30am 12 June 2018

Click the link below

Highland Questionnaire

Monday, June 11, 2018

530 years ago to the day!!!!

Yes 11 June 1488 there was a battle...

On Saturday I was walking at the Bannock- burn and I came a cross a plague that I must have seen before.

Near the Burn at Milton this signage talks of the murder of James the III of Scotland on the 11 June 1488 at or after the Battle of Sauchieburn. The battle was about two miles south of Stirling and about a mile south of the previously favoured site of the Battle of Bannockburn ( 1314).

Map of uk battlefields 

This Battle of Suachieburn was the down fall of the king. We are not sure about his death, some say on the field of battle some say he was murdered at Milton taking refuge and asked to speak with a priest and a noble man claiming to be a priest entered the house and killed him. 

So on Saturday we pass the signage mentioning the possible murder in the area.

Now the reason for my walk was to go back to the Bannockburn where some 40 plus years ago some local Christians baptised me in the burn after it had been dammed up a bit to give a dearth of water fit enough for  a full immersion. The burn at Milton was far more over grown at the ford than I had remembered. The ford was a major  crossing those many years ago. The crossing was where the English army came across at the Battle of Bannockburn and met the Scottish army a few miles north, at either Whins of Milton where the Tourst site is or at the carse which is nearer the Forth river and down from the woods behind the now Bannockburn High School. 

This hot Saturday I was able to rekindle several memories from my youth.

Battle of Sauchieburn
Battle of Bannockburn

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